What Are the Different Parts of a Window?

You’re shopping for new windows, all you see are words like “jamb,” “sash,” “spacers,” and you’re left wondering: what am I looking for anymore? Don’t fear! To guide you in making an educated decision on the new exterior look of your home and become a window expert, we are going to guide you through the different parts of a window.

Infographic of the anatomy of a window, defining each part of a window using a diagram of half a window.

Other terms you might like to know:
  1. Spacers: Spacers provide optimal insulation between layers of a windowpane. West Shore Home® uses Duralite® spacer system, a non-conductive, single-seal design that is 88% less conductive than metal spacers. That means more insulation and more comfortability in your home than other spacer systems.
  2. Low-emissivity (low-e) glass: Low-e glass allows for optimal natural light while preventing excess heat/UV rays from entering the room.
  3. Weep Holes: Drains that help to prevent rotting, mold, etc. West Shore Home uses a true sloping sill, eliminating water damage and unsightly weep holes.
  1. Weatherstripping: A feature that helps to keep water, debris, etc. out and insulation in. West Shore Home windows feature advanced triple weatherstripping to prevent air filtration.
  2. Hinge: A metal piece allowing the window to open and close. Present in awning and hopper windows.

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We hope you feel like a window expert now. Knowing the ins and outs of windows and how they work can be helpful when you’re making a decision about fixing or replacing windows… or at Thursday night trivia! Whatever the case may be, you can now look at a window and know exactly what you’re dealing with. And if you want to know more about the anatomy of a window, how they’re made, or what types are available, give West Shore Home® a call!