A Guide to Keeping Your Bathroom Clean, Neat & Organized

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms of the house, but they can quickly get messy if not organized properly. However, with a few alterations, you can more efficiently utilize the space you have and make your bathroom cleaning woes a thing of the past.

Are you ready to take your bathroom from a disorganized, chaotic space to somewhere you can feel proud of? Read the guide below for great bathroom storage ideas and organization tips. 

A Tidy Bathroom, A Tidy Mind

A bathroom is where we clean ourselves and often the first room we enter when we wake up. A tidy space, tidy mind applies very much to your bathroom.  

Remodeling or cleaning your bathroom brings new life to an old room. Understanding how to keep your bathroom neat will make it easier to start and keep up this habit. 

Storage Solutions for Your BathroomStorage Bins Under Bathroom Counter

Especially in smaller bathrooms, storage can be a challenge. Use the space you have cleverly with hooks and hanging baskets or shelves and over the toilet bathroom organizers. 

When it comes to bathroom storage, out of the box ideas allow you to keep things like towels and toiletries tidy and aesthetically pleasing. 

A Place for Everything

Storage Bins with Bathroom Accessories

Using designated spots for everything in the bathroom will let everyone know where things go after being done with them. For instance, after they brush their hair, they should return the hairbrush to its designated spot instead of just leaving it on the counter. 

If your family is having a hard time with this concept, you can use small labels inside of each drawer or cabinet so they have a fail-proof guide and no excuse for not knowing where things are supposed to go. 

Color Schemes and Themes

Believe it or not, having a coordinated color scheme and decoration theme in your bathroom can help it feel neat and organized. For instance, a bold red color can cause chaos, whereas a softer blue or green tone can make it more peaceful. 

White or off-white gives the feeling of a clean and bright space, and using pops of color with towels, artwork, or accents brings it to life. The proper lighting and mirrors can also give a feeling of cleanliness to the space. Color, theme, and lighting are the foundation of a pleasant, organized bathroom. 

Bathroom Cleaning Is A Group Effort

Keeping the bathroom neat and organized is not just one person’s job- unless you live alone, of course. Encourage your family members (or roommates) to be accountable for themselves instead of taking on all the responsibility yourself. Make sure to teach them about systems to keep the bathroom clean and well-kept. Cluttered Bathroom Sink

Clean the bathroom mirror and surfaces frequently for a quick touchup and other areas such as the toilet, floors, and shower once a week for a fresh, tidy feeling. 

Only the Essentials

Do you use everything that is currently in your bathroom? How about everything displayed on the countertop? Towels & Soap Dispensers on a Countertop

Minimizing the number of items in the bathroom is a great way to achieve a clean, organized look. Less items to move also reduces the chance something will be left in the wrong place. Use hall closets or cabinets outside of the bathroom for any excess items you might want to keep close to the bathroom but do not have room for. 

Bathroom Cleaning and Organization 101

Keeping a bathroom neat and organized is a matter of adequately using storage solutions, having a place for each item, and staying on top of cleaning daily or at least once a week. Everyone in the household needs to be on board, commit to learning good habits, and agree to respecting the space. With all these boxes checked, you’ll have a wonderful bathroom space to welcome you every morning. 

If your bathroom needs a bit more than an organizational facelift, West Shore Home can help out with full shower or bath remodels. Get in touch with us today!