How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

Decorating a small bathroom may seem like a challenge due to spacial limitations, but there’s no reason to despair. You may not be able to make it any bigger, but you can sure maximize the space you’ve got.  

Half baths can be great to have in your home, but successfully decorating a small bathroom is about more than just cutting back on clutter. We’ve got a few seriously nifty tips that will give the illusion of space, without actually creating any. 

Keep it Minimal

When thinking about how to decorate a small bathroom, start with the toilet and vanity. 

Bulky vanities and toilets take away from the little space you have. If at all possible, streamline these essentials by choosing vanities that leave clear space beneath. Wall-hung toilets also give the same effect. Sleek fittings with simple lines give a chic, uncluttered appearance.  

An infographic that offers tips about how to decorate a small bathroom.

Another important tip is to choose a restrained color palate. One dominant – preferably light color – to reflect the light and amplify the space. One of our favorite small bathroom decoration ideas is to choose a second color for a statement piece or focal point. This could be brightly colored wall surround in the shower. 

A selection of shower wall surround options that could fit a small bathroom.

Incorporate Glass

Glass allows light to flood through the bathroom, creating the sensation of space. You can achieve this by ditching frosted shower screens and doors in favor of solid glass. A sleek glass shower can expand your bathroom’s perceived footprint. However, you still want to keep privacy considerations in mind. Partially obscured glass options are available if needed.

Add a Towel Ladder

Small bathroom decor ideas are all about style and function. Towel ladders perfectly tick both boxes. They’re a great space saver, keep your towels neatly arranged, and look sleek. Towel ladders are easy to find and purchase too. There’s a wide variety of shapes and styles available in online shops, ranging from affordable to luxury. 

Keep Toiletries In A SmalL Bath Hidden Away

Toiletries on display scream, ‘I’m short of space’. Be discerning with what you keep in the bathroom.  Leaving half-used bottles of shampoo on display is not how to make your small bathroom look nice. You need to keep all toiletries and bathroom essentials out of sight. Clean surfaces make your bathroom look sleek; cluttered spaces have the opposite effect. 

If your lifestyle or medical needs dictate more items in the bathroom, covered storage can come in handy. Covered baskets and trays help organize and tidy up your shelf spaces and counters. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. Too much covered storage defeats the purpose. 

Add a Pocket Door To Your Small Bath

When inches are at a premium, why sacrifice them for a swinging door? 

A pocket door can save lots of real estate in the bathroom and give it a more open vibe. It saves you having to squeeze around bathroom fixtures when coming in or out and prevents needing door clearance in your bathroom layout. On top of that, pocket doors offer a bit of unique style to your home. 

Close Up of a Pocket Door Floor Track

Maximize Light with Mirrors

The answer to how to furnish a small bathroom to look nice is to use mirrors. And lots of them. 

You could choose a backlit mirror with sophisticated soft light or a huge mirror over the vanity. Whatever you choose, make sure they’re reflecting the light part of your color scheme. 

Want to go all the way? Consider mirroring an entire wall. The bigger the mirror, the more of an illusion of space it will create.  

Give Your Small Bathroom a Big Impression

Simple, well-thought-through decor can transform a small bathroom from pokey to stunning. Follow our tips on how to decorate a small bathroom, and you’ll be reveling in space you never knew you had.  

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