Pennsylvania Veteran Receives New Shower

November 8, 2019 – Mechanicsburg, Pa. – In honor of Veterans Day, West Shore Home today installed a new shower for a deserving Lebanon County veteran. This project was completed for U.S. Army veteran Constance Snavely as part of the Baths for the Brave initiative, which supports military veterans with new baths and showers, as a way to improve their daily lives and to thank them for their service. West Shore Home is a proud partner of Baths for the Brave. 

“West Shore Home is honored to give back to those who have given of themselves so boldly,” said B.J. Werzyn, owner of West Shore Home. “Like this project, we strive to be exceptional teammates in every aspect of what we do. Whether we are supporting our employees or supporting our community, being outstanding partners is at the core of our day-to-day mission.” 

Snavely is a U.S. Army veteran who currently resides in Lebanon County. She was stationed in multiple locations across the United States, including Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Fort Hood, Texas; and Fort Meade, Maryland. She also served overseas in Belgium, the Republic of Korea and Bosnia-Herzegovina. During her service, Snavely received multiple awards including the Knowlton Award for Professional Excellence in Military Intelligence. 

“After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997, I have experienced balance issues and numbness in my legs,” said Snavely. “This new shower will help me in the days and weeks to come as I continue to battle the side effects of MS.”  


About Baths for the Brave 

Baths for the Brave is a partnership between 10 home improvement companies from across the United States that have banded together to give back to our veterans. Since 2016, the goal of Baths for the Brave has been to improve the lives of veterans who were left disabled from their military service or have experienced hardships that prevent them from completing everyday tasks. For additional information about Baths for the Brave, visit 

About West Shore Home 

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