Which Front Door Style Represents Your Personality?

Are you considering a front door remodel, but you’re not sure which style represents you or your personality? Choosing a new door can be a difficult task. Each one varies in style, color, design, and a variety of other categories. If you’re struggling to find a door that fits well with your home let West Shore Home help.

Take a look at the doors pictured below and the descriptions that go along with them – you might just find your perfect door match.

Grey french doors on a home's brick exterior.


As you can see from the picture, a French Door is designed to make a statement. With their striking glass patterns, they create a welcoming entry while representing elegance and beauty. A French door is perfect for someone who appreciates a unique style or design, or someone who wants to add a little more natural light to their home. If you admire art and find beauty in all aspects of life – this is the perfect door for you.

A large, black-framed storm door.


From the look of this door and its name, you can already tell that it embodies strength. It’s durability allows it to withstand pressure, wear, and damage from all elements. If you live in an area with heavy rain, wind, ice, or other severe weather conditions, then this is the right choice for you. The Storm Door represents someone who is strong, fierce, and doesn’t let the little (or even big) things get to them. They are a true warrior. 

A residential home with a steel door with sidelights.


The Steel Door is similar to a storm door on the basis of protection. However, the storm door is more specific to protecting you from severe weather conditions, while Steel Doors are made to withstand a forced entry – keeping intruders far away from your home. This door represents a protector. Someone who wants superior protection for their home and for their family. This person is the safeguard of the home, and they want nothing more than to give their family peace of mind.


If you’ve decided that the top three things you’re looking for in a door are affordability, style, and durability – then look no further because this is the perfect door for you! If you’re someone who enjoys the elegance of wood grain finishes and style is something you’re after – then the Fiberglass Door is the perfect fit for you home and your personality. This door represents someone who is simple, stylish, and smart. They are always looking for deals and ways that they can make the most out of what they have. These people are go-getters and stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

A series of multicolored shed doors.


The look and feel of a bold colored front door has been trending in recent years. While a lot of people turned to a red style door, yellow and teal are also desired. This door represents someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and who strives to be unique. They’re always up-to-date on the latest trends and occasionally try to start their own. People might look up to them as a fashion guru.

Well, did you see any doors that seemed to match your personality? Or maybe you still have some questions about any of the styles above. If so, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have – we’d love to hear from you!