Why You Should Choose Double-Hung Windows

When it comes to replacement windows, there’s a world of different styles out there, but double-hung windows continue to be the most popular style of window on homes throughout the United States. Why? Because they offer many great benefits, including:


Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes that can be lifted or lowered to open or close the window. Typically, it is the lower sash that is raised up to allow fresh air to get inside the home; however, the upper sash can also be pulled down to create an opening at the top of the window. By opening both sashes a little bit at the same time, you can create a cross breeze effect that allows cool air to flow in through the bottom opening as warm air from inside the home is pulled out through the top opening.


When most people think of a window, they probably think of something resembling a double-hung window. Double-hung is the archetypal window style and has been for quite some time. Because of its traditional shape and configuration, double-hung windows have been used on all different styles of homes, ranging from Colonial to Craftsman, and blend wonderfully with just about any home aesthetic you can think of.


Most double-hung windows feature a tilt-in function that allows both of the sashes to open inward. This allows you to clean your double-hung windows both inside and out from the safety of your own home, rather than having to get up on a ladder to reach the exterior glass panes and frames.

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