West Shore Home Sponsors Trinity High School Field Renovation

Being a dedicated community partner is important to West Shore Home. Being an exceptional teammate is part of our core values, so giving back comes naturally. Sponsoring the new turf at Trinity High School’s COBO Field was an honor. The dedication of the athletes, marching band, coaches, staff, parents and students made our commitment to the high school in Camp Hill, Pa. an easy decision. If there is anything that exemplifies the core values of West Shore Home, it is Friday Night Lights

The West Shore Home logo on Trinity High School's new turf field.Not only are the Trinity Shamrocks exceptional teammates, they work to get better every day, and we are proud to make that just a little bit easier. The new field enhances the student athlete and marching band experience. This is the first upgrade in nearly 25 years, allowing the school to field its first ever girl’s field hockey team.

High school football players standing alongside referees and supporters.

“The installation of a turf field at Trinity’s COBO Sports Complex allows for a much more durable and versatile playing surface for all of our student-athletes and their teams. This is a top-notch enhancement that will help our kids reach their potential,” said Jordan Hill, Advancement Director and Head Football Coach.

Another core value at West Shore Home is do the right thing always. Supporting events that bring us all together is a just one of the ways we celebrate our community.

“Nothing says community more than Friday night football. We are proud to partner with Trinity, allowing their students and supporters to have an enhanced stadium experience,” said B.J. Werzyn, CEO, West Shore Home. “We pride ourselves on being exceptional teammates. We know the Shamrocks prove that every weekend on the field and we are thrilled to be a supporter on the sidelines.”

Representatives from West Shore Home at Trinity High School's football field in Camp Hill, PA.  Trinity High School cheer leaders.  The West Shore Home logo on Trinity High School's football field.