Project Spotlight: Cracked Tub to Accessible Walk-In Shower Conversion in Baltimore, MD

A recent tub to shower conversion project completed by the expert installers at West Shore Home brought a Baltimore bathroom to life. The homeowners had an old, cracked tub insert that was not only dull and fragile but also leaked. They were in desperate need of an upgrade, and West Shore Home was ready to deliver.

Initial Consultation and Design

The first step in the tub to shower conversion process is an initial consultation with the homeowners. West Shore Home understands the importance of personalized design, so one of our experienced design consultants visited the homeowners’ residence to assess the space and discuss their design preferences. This step ensures that the final result will not only be functional but also reflect the homeowners’ unique style.

During the consultation, the homeowners expressed their desire for a shower that would not only be aesthetically pleasing but also safe and accessible. They wanted to replace their old tub with a low threshold acrylic shower base, which would provide easy entry and exit without compromising on style.

Choosing the Perfect Features and Accessories

With West Shore Home’s wide range of features and accessories, the homeowners had the opportunity to personalize their new shower. They chose premium acrylic wall panels to give their shower a sleek and modern look. The panels are not only beautiful but also durable and easy to clean, ensuring that the homeowners can enjoy their new shower for years to come.

To enhance the functionality and safety of the shower, the homeowners opted for three shelves, allowing them to conveniently store their toiletries. They also added two grab bars for added support and stability. Finally, a glass door was installed to give the shower a polished and finished appearance.

The Installation Process

Once the design was finalized, West Shore Home’s highly trained technicians began the tub to shower conversion installation process. The first step was to remove the old tub insert, carefully disposing of it to ensure a clean and efficient work area. The installation team then proceeded to install the new acrylic shower base, ensuring a secure and watertight fit.

Next, the premium acrylic wall surrounds were installed, giving the shower a seamless and polished look. The technicians paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every component of the shower was perfectly aligned and securely fitted. The installation process was completed efficiently, minimizing any disruption to the homeowners’ daily routine.

The Final Result: A Stunning Shower Transformation

After the tub to shower conversion, the homeowners’ bathroom was transformed into a stunning oasis. The new acrylic shower base with a low threshold provided easy access, making it safe and accessible for everyone. The premium acrylic walls gave the shower a modern and sleek appearance, while the three shelves and two grab bars added functionality and convenience.

The glass door was the finishing touch, adding a touch of elegance and creating a polished and finished look. The homeowners were thrilled with the final result, and their new shower quickly became the centerpiece of their bathroom.

Customer Satisfaction and Flexible Financing

At West Shore Home, customer satisfaction is always a top priority. Throughout the tub to shower conversion project, the installation team maintained open communication with the homeowners, ensuring that every detail was addressed and any concerns were promptly resolved. West Shore Home is committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding their customers’ expectations.

Understanding that home improvement projects can be a significant investment, West Shore Home offers flexible financing options to make the project more affordable. With approved credit, homeowners can easily transform their bathroom without breaking the bank.

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If you’re considering a tub to shower conversion in Baltimore, West Shore Home is the go-to choice. Our expert team will guide you through the entire process, from the initial consultation to the installation, ensuring that your new shower exceeds your expectations. With a wide range of features and accessories, flexible financing options, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust West Shore Home to transform your bathroom into a luxurious and functional space.

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