Project Spotlight: Tub to Shower Conversion in Birmingham, AL

Our West Shore Home Birmingham installation team recently completed a bath remodeling project for a customer who needed a tub to shower conversion due to mobility limitations.

Dysfunctional Bathtub

The customer had undergone multiple back surgeries, which made it difficult for him to climb over the tub.

A white tub shower combo with built-in shelves.

The installation process took approximately eight hours. Since the house was relatively new construction on a slab, the installers had to wait for the rough plumb inspection to be completed before they could set the pan.

A tub to shower conversion during install.

The water lines were poured in the slab within the wet space, so the installers had to build up a small platform for the new subfloor. This allowed the team to circumvent the water lines and move them to the wall and the new valve.

Walk-In Shower Conversion

In addition to the tub to shower conversion, the customer also opted for clear doors, adding a touch of elegance to the space. We understand the importance of meeting our customers’ needs, especially when it comes to accessibility and comfort.

Neutral walk in acrylic shower with marble design, grab bars, and built in shelves.

To address the homeowner’s needs, our Alabama installers replaced the fiberglass unit with a copper ridge and an old world bronze fixture package, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our team is dedicated to providing professional, personable service to ensure that every bath remodeling project is tailored to the unique requirements of our clients.

Built in shelves in an acrylic marble design shower.

The experts installed built-in shelves and two grab bars to increase accessibility for the homeowner. Our non-slip acrylic shower pan ensures that the homeowner will be safe as he steps in and out of the shower.

Interested in this Tub to Shower Remodel?

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