Project Spotlight: Triple Patio Door Installation in Louisville, KY

West Shore Home specializes in transforming your space with our exceptional door replacement services. In this article, we will take you through a recent door project we completed in Louisville, KY, highlighting the impressive transformation and the benefits of upgrading your patio doors.

The Transformation: Outdated and Damaged Doors to Brand New Triple Patio Doors

Our customer in Louisville, KY, had a specific challenge with their existing patio doors. The two side windows were deteriorating at the bottom, and the door itself was in poor condition. Furthermore, the headers and floor framing were not aligned with the windows, leading to considerable rot. To address these issues, we needed to modify the framing, eliminate the rot, and provide a fresh and functional solution for our client.

After a thorough assessment of the existing patio doors, we proposed a triple patio door installation as the ideal solution for our client’s needs. Our team at West Shore Home worked diligently to ensure a seamless and efficient installation process. The new patio door configuration featured the door in the center, flanked by a window on each side – all as one cohesive unit. Additionally, we included a screen door attachment to provide the homeowner with versatility and convenience.

At West Shore Home, we understand the importance of aesthetics and design in creating a stunning and inviting space. For this project, we selected a beautiful color scheme to enhance the overall appeal of the patio doors. The inside of the door and trim were elegantly finished in cafe cream, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. On the exterior, we opted for a nightfall color to complement the existing architectural elements of the home.

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