The Ultimate Shower Accessories & Fixtures Guide

Choosing the right shower accessories depends on your wants and needs for your bathing experience. There are four main types of accessories when it comes to your bath or shower: safety, storage, shower fixtures, and doors or curtain rods.

Shower ACCESSORIES For Safety

  • Grab Bars
    Grab bars are typically metal and are designed to provide support for someone’s bodyweight to get up or down from a seat or in or out of a bath or shower. They can prevent slips and falls and provide stability for any age. You can install grab bars right into the walls of your shower or bath, making your bathroom more accessible. 

A silver grab bar in a neutral marble acrylic shower.

  • Low-Threshold Pan
    Low-threshold shower pans eliminate the need to step in and out of a high bath tub wall. This is a great feature if you are thinking of converting your tub into a shower, making your bathroom safer.  

A low threshold shower pan in a white bathroom.

  • Shower Seats
    Built-in shower seats are a great addition to any shower for seating or additional storage. Instead of rolling in a portable seat, you can have a seamless seat that matches your shower and provides stability. Additionally, when you’re not using your seat, you can store shampoo, body wash, and other toiletries there. 
  • Foot Pedestal
    As you shower, it can be tricky to wash the lower half of your body. Adding a foot pedestal to rest your foot on makes this process easier, bringing your leg up to you. This eliminates having to balance when washing your legs or your feet. 


  • Built-In Shelves
    Having built-in shelves in your shower or bath not only adds more storage space, but it also makes your products more accessible since they are closer to your reach. You don’t have to worry about buying attachable shelves since you have them built in!
  • Soap Dish
    Like built-in shelves, you can also install a built-in soap dish into your wall surround to provide more storage and easy access. This leaves space open on your shelves or tub walls for other items.

Shower Head Fixtures

  • Rain Shower Head
    Choosing the right shower head for you can make your shower routine more enjoyable. Rain shower heads allow for a steady stream of water right over your head that immerses your entire body, like a rain or waterfall. This is a modern looking shower head that adds great value to your home.

Rain fall shower head in a walk in shower.

  • Detachable Shower Head
    A shower head with a detachable part is another great value-add to your bathroom and home. This two-part shower head makes bathing more accessible, as it brings the stream of water right to you as you sit or stand.

A silver detachable shower head in a grey shower.

Door and Curtain FEATURES

  • Glass Shower Door
    To open up your bathroom and make it appear bigger, glass shower doors are a great option. A glass shower door can be installed to your walk-in shower to allow for a seamless open and close and an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Curtain Rod
    If glass doors aren’t your preference, you can have a curtain rod installed into your shower or bath space. A shower curtain provides privacy and can add a stylish touch to your bathroom.

Depending on your needs, shower accessories can make your bathing experience safer and more functional. Adding a shower seat, grab bars, and a low-threshold shower pan can ultimately save you or your loved one’s life.

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