Project Spotlight: Single Entry Blue Door Replacement for Chattanooga, TN, Residents

Replacing the entry door on your home can instantly increase its value and add some much needed curb appeal in your neighborhood. These Chattanooga homeowners took their inoperable, faded red door and transformed it into a beautiful Enzian blue single entry door with antique brass hardware and textured sandpiper beige aluminum cladding.

Before Door Remodel

An old faded red door with chipped paint and dirt around the frame.The homeowners’ wishes were to update their virtually inoperable, faded door by replacing it entirely with the West Shore Home Chattanooga, TN, installation team. The previous door was chipped heavily along the frame, faded and dirty on the door itself, and was hard to open and close.

The inside look of a neutral door before a new installation.

Similarly, the interior side of the door wasn’t much better. There were chips along the bottom of the door, and overall wear around the handle. Thankfully, this was an easy replacement job for our installers which cost little to no time for the homeowners.

Enzian Blue Door Replacement

A new enzian blue single entry door on a neutral home.The Tennesseans went for a beautiful blue, single entry fiberglass door in a FrameSaver® frame. FrameSaver includes a wood frame and brickmold with a finger-jointed composite bottom. The composite bottom helps prevent water absorption that can lead to frame rot and other water damage. These homeowners made a great choice by pairing their new door with antique brass finish hardware and textured beige aluminum cladding.

A vinyl single entry blue door from the inside of a home.

To increase energy efficiency and protect against water infiltration, the homeowners received the bronze Z-AC™ auto-adjusting threshold. This innovative threshold system provides a self-adjusting seal so insulation isn’t a worry in anyone’s mind.

Find Your Dream Entry Door

West Shore Home takes entry doors of all kinds and turns them into beautiful additions to the outside of the home. Replacing your entry door could bring tons of value and efficiency to your home, even if you don’t recognize major issues right now. If you’re interested in getting your current door looked at, schedule a free design consultation to talk it over with one of our experts. Contact us today to learn more.