Project Spotlight: Stafford Single Entry Door Transformation

Nestled amidst the charming streets of Stafford, VA, these homeowners were in search of a new door to replace their outdated look. With a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality, we at West Shore Home embarked on a mission to transform this faded entryway into a timeless statement piece.

Picking the Right Single Entry Door Style and Colors

Outdated blue door with white trim on a neutral house.

Replacing the sun-bleached facade was a Nightfall blue door, its rich depth creating contrast on the home. Crisp white trim, meticulously painted, provided a striking contrast, accentuating the home’s architectural details.

Single entry door in dark blue with sidelights and white trim.

But the artistry extended beyond the door itself. Two sidelights, strategically positioned, bathed the foyer in natural light. This mix of color and light transformed the entryway into a canvas of serenity.

More Than Just Aesthetics

A stunning entrance is not simply a matter of aesthetics; it is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Our team of seasoned professionals approached this project with dedication, ensuring every step – from the careful removal of the old door to the seamless installation of the new – was executed with precision and care. In just 4.5 hours, the home’s entrance experienced a remarkable transformation.

Unlock Your Home’s Potential With West Shore Home

At West Shore Home, we believe a new door unlocks the magic of a transformed home. We are passionate about helping Stafford residents make a lasting first impression, one captivating entryway at a time.

Our team of dedicated professionals is eager to help you unlock the potential of your home. Contact West Shore Home today to get started!