Signs That You Should Replace the Windows In Your Home

If your window has significant cracks, it’s easy to recognize that it’s time to replace them, but sometimes the signs are much more subtle. To help you determine whether it’s time for you to seek window replacement, read up on the following five factors:

Condensation:  Whether excess humidity or seal failure is to blame, condensation that won’t go away can be an indication of a serious problem, requiring you to replace your windows.

Drafts or Air Leaks:  If you notice air leaks, inspect your window unit for cracks or gaps, both of which can lead to warping or shrinkage. Unit warping or shrinkage can occur with improper window installation, so it might be best to replace.

Trouble with Operation:  You want to easily open and close your windows and if you’re having trouble operating your windows, you may be able to fix it with cleaning and a lubricant. If difficulty persists, consider replacement windows.

Excess Noise:  All windows have differing levels of noise-reduction, so on its own, excess noise isn’t necessarily cause for concern. However, if you notice excess noise pollution in conjunction with other issues, it can help determine whether you need to replace.

Moisture:  Moisture is a threat to much of your home’s structure and windows are no exception. Without window replacement, moisture can cause warping, interior energy loss, and mold and mildew growth, so be sure to take this concern seriously.

Choose Experienced Window Installation Professionals

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