Cleaning & Maintaining Double Hung Windows

To keep your double hung windows looking great and working efficiently, regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended. Fortunately, double hung windows are among the easiest window style to clean and maintain. All you’ll need is an over-the-counter glass cleaner, paper towels or a few soft cloths, silicon lubricant spray, and, if your windows have metal hardware you’d like to clean, some metal polish.

Double Hung Window Cleaning

If your windows have removable interior grilles, you’ll need to remove them before cleaning the glass. Simply pull them away, leaving the grille clips in place. Clean them by wiping them down with a damp cloth or paper towel. To clean the glass, spray the cleaner directly onto the glass and use a soft cloth or paper towel to clean both the top and bottom sashes.

Next, to clean the exterior sides of the sashes, unlock your window and raise the lower sash about two inches. Locate the wash-assist tabs, which are located on either side of the top of the lower sash, engage them, and tilt the sash inward. Use a chair or other sturdy surface to support the sash and be careful not to lower it beyond a 90-degree angle. Clean the exterior side of the glass just as you did the interior. Next, lower the upper sash until it is about one inch above the bottom sash. Similarly, engage the wash-assist tabs and tilt the sash inward, resting it on the lower sash. Once you have cleaned the exterior sides of the sashes, simply tilt them back up into the window frame until they click securely into place.


While the sashes are tilted inward, inspect the weatherstripping to ensure there are no cracks or gaps, or that the molding is not dried out. To keep the sashes lubricated, simply spray some silicon lubricant onto either side of the track. Raise and lower the sash a couple of times to distribute the lubricant. Repeat this process with the upper sash. If your windows have metal hardware that you would like to clean with polish, it’s probably easiest to remove the hardware using a screwdriver, apply the polish, allow it to dry, and then wipe down the hardware with a dry cloth before putting it back in place.

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With regular cleaning and maintenance, your double hung windows should provide you with many years of reliable service. For all your window-related questions, or to inquire about having new double hung windows installed at your home, contact the home improvement experts at West Shore Home. We offer a number of convenient financing options that will make replacing your windows as easy as can be.