Project Spotlight: From Vintage Charm to Modern Elegance – A Denver Claw Foot Tub to Walk-In Shower Conversion

In the heart of Denver, a second-floor bathroom was due for a transformation. The homeowners had an outdated claw foot tub that exuded vintage charm but wanted a more functional and accessible bathing solution.

Outdated claw foot tub shower combo with clear shower curtain in a grey bathroom.

West Shore Home stepped in to perform a remarkable conversion, turning a spacious yet impractical tub into a stylish, easy-to-maintain walk-in shower.

The Transformation

The conversion started with the removal of the claw foot tub, making way for an exciting change. In its place, West Shore Home’s expert installers introduced an “Almond” acrylic non-slip shower pan that not only maximized the available space but also added a touch of modern elegance. This new base provided the perfect foundation for a sleek and spacious walk-in shower.

A remodeled walk in shower with granite look acrylic wall surrounds and bronze fixtures.

To create a harmonious and inviting bathing space, the team opted for “Canyon Rock” acrylic wall surrounds. These wall surrounds not only complemented the new shower pan but also added a refreshing touch of earthy warmth to the bathroom. The homeowners now had a visually appealing shower area that was easy to clean and maintain.

Note: The homeowner chose to move the existing vanity to make space for their new walk-in shower.

Convenience Meets Safety

Incorporating convenience and safety into the remodel was a top priority. Four acrylic built-in shelves were added to provide ample storage for shower essentials, keeping everything within arm’s reach. Additionally, the installation included the fitting of grab bars and fixtures in an oil-rubbed bronze finish, enhancing the bathroom’s aesthetics while ensuring the safety of its users.

Space-Saving Marvel

The homeowners’ decision to replace the bulky claw foot tub with a walk-in shower was a game-changer. The new configuration not only made the bathroom appear more spacious but also improved accessibility. Getting in and out of the shower became a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free daily routine.

Expert Bathroom Remodelers in Denver

With the conversion complete, this Denver bathroom is now a true masterpiece of form and function. The vintage charm of the claw foot tub has been tastefully replaced by a modern, space-saving walk-in shower that’s both easy to clean and incredibly accessible. The homeowners can now enjoy a beautiful, efficient, and safe bathing experience, all thanks to West Shore Home’s expert craftsmanship and innovative design.

If you’re considering a bathroom transformation, whether it’s to enhance aesthetics, improve accessibility, or simply make better use of your space, don’t hesitate to contact West Shore Home to bring your vision to life.