Project Spotlight: Energy-Efficient Window Replacement in Dallas, TX

In the Dallas, Texas, heat, West Shore Home installers took on a six hour double hung window project for a home in need of better insulation. The homeowner’s windows were wood originally and not properly sealed, letting air into the house.

Original Windows

Deciding to replace your windows involves a lot of planning and budgeting. It might seem hard and overwhelming at times, but West Shore Home makes the process as easy as possible. These Dallas homeowners made the big decision to take their old, wood windows and transform them into beautiful new vinyl that will last them for years.

Old drafty cracked windows on the side of a tan house.

The homeowner’s windows were old, wood windows painted to match the exterior of the home. As you can see, the paint has been chipping off for some time, and there are cracks present, causing a lack of insulation on the inside. A lack of insulation from your windows can cause massive energy bills and overall discomfort in your home.

Side view of old chipped paint wood windows.Wood windows require regular maintenance every year or so, leaving homeowners at more of a risk of needing a window replacement sooner. If you leave wood windows untreated, you could experience chipping, cracking, rotting, and warping of your windows. The homeowners made a great choice to switch to vinyl.

New West Shore Home Windows

Our design consultant took care of walking through the customer’s needs and preferences for their new windows, deciding on five new double hung windows in white inside and out.

Outside view of new white double hung windows on the corner of a tan house.

Our expert installation team then hit the ground running, completing the window job in approximately six hours. The new windows gave the home a modern look, as well as an insulated interior. This window project will allow those inside to enjoy the comfort of their A/C in the summer and the warmth of their heating system in the winter.
Inside look of new vinyl double hung windows.

As a result of this window project, these Dallas homeowners don’t have to worry about the state of their windows for quite some time. Living in a southern climate, they are likely used to hot summers, but everyone should be able to enjoy the cool temperature inside their home. Now they can!

Choosing West Shore Home

If you’re in a similar situation and your windows are in dire need of replacement, give West Shore Home a call. Our people-first design consultants will assess the current state of your windows and help you with your decision on color, placement, and other features. Then, our installation team will complete your project in as little as one day–remember, this one took 6 hours! To learn more about our process, contact us today.