Do You Need High Impact Windows For Your Home?

Ready to withstand high winds and heavy rain, high impact windows keep you protected during severe weather. With welded, heavy-duty vinyl construction, high impact glass, and spacer systems, you won’t have to worry about leaky, drafty, or shattered windows.  Similarly, these features in your window can decrease noise pollution from everything happening on the outside.  

Infographic showing the inside of a high impact window, labeled heavy duty vinyl, high impact glass, and spacer system.

Here are some additional details about the features of high impact windows:

  • Welded, heavy-duty vinyl construction: This type of construction makes high impact windows very strong and durable. They can withstand high winds and heavy rain, and they are less likely to break than traditional windows. 
  • High impact glass: This type of glass is made with a special resin that makes it stronger and more resistant to breaking. It is also more shatter-resistant than traditional glass, which can help to keep you and your family safe in the event of a break-in or other accident. 
  • Spacer systems: These systems help to keep the glass in place and prevent it from rattling or vibrating. This can improve the energy efficiency of your windows and reduce noise pollution.

If you are looking for a safe, secure, and energy-efficient way to improve your home, high impact windows are a great option to consider. They offer a number of benefits that can make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. 


Using NFRC Energy Efficiency ratings, high impact windows are tested using the Design Pressure rating. This rating measures the maximum positive and negative wind load that a window or door can experience without breaking, deglazing or permanently distorting. When you’re looking at a window’s efficiency ratings, you’ll want to see a high Design Pressure rating.  

Additionally, windows are rated based on Performance Grade. A product achieves a performance grade rating, measuring forced entry/air & water resistance, if that product complies with all requirements of the North American Fenestration Standard for a certain design pressure (wind load) corresponding to a maximum expected impact at a given location. Performance grade measures:  

  • Structural performance        
    • The pressure applied for structural performance verification is 150 percent of design pressure for windows. This is a test that assesses any permanent damage associated with the assembly. 
  • Water penetration resistance     
    • The water penetration resistance test pressure simulates the force behind wind-driven rain. 
  • Air infiltration resistance  
  • Uniform load-deflection test  
  • Forced-entry resistance (if applicable) 


There are many reasons why someone should consider high impact windows for their home. Here are some of the most important: 

  • Safety: High impact windows are made with stronger materials that are more resistant to breaking. This makes them a safer option for homes in areas that are prone to severe weather. 
  • Energy efficiency: High impact windows are also more energy efficient than traditional windows. This is because they have better insulation, which helps to keep the heat in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer. This can save you money on your energy bills. 
  • Noise reduction: High impact windows can reduce noise pollution because they have thicker glass and better seals, which help to keep out unwanted noise. This can make your home more peaceful and quieter. 
  • Longer lifespan: High impact windows are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last for many years. This can save you money in the long run, as you will not have to replace your windows as often. 
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your home is protected from the elements and from intruders can give you peace of mind. This can help you to relax and enjoy your home more. 

Overall, high impact windows offer a number of benefits that can make your home safer, more energy efficient, and more attractive. If you are considering replacing your windows, high impact windows are a great option to consider.  


Image of a white specialty window on the side of a red brick house.

Our trusted coastal installation team is trained and certified with years of home improvement experience, specializing in windows in your area. It’s important that our installers are local, so that they know what high impact weather your windows will be up against. You will be at ease knowing your windows will hold up against severe weather and other impacts in the area.  

High impact windows not only protect you against bad weather, but they also provide you with aesthetic and other functional benefits:  

  • The screen in between panes features clarity mesh to let air in and keep pests out, all while maintaining an unobstructed view.  
  • Warm-edge Duralite® spacer system maximizes energy efficiency and improves seal performance of insulated glass units.  
  • Welded, heavy-duty vinyl construction is low maintenance and yields a high structural performance.  
  • The combination of insulation and heavy-duty materials limits the amount of noise coming into your home, creating a peaceful interior.  
  • Our wide array of color options allows you to express your unique sense of style and enhance curb appeal.   

To get started, simply contact West Shore Home today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a consultation at your convenience!