Bathroom Design Ideas From Luxury Hotels

For lovers of luxury, hotel bathrooms can be a surprising source of design inspiration for home remodeling projects. High-end hotels hire some of the world’s most talented interior designers to craft unique bathing areas to match the aesthetic of their properties, with striking results that push the boundaries of comfort, convenience, sheer luxury and visual appeal.

At West Shore Home®, we’ve worked with countless customers to plan, design and install bathroom renovation masterpieces to suit a wide variety of décor styles and budgets. Many of these unique projects have elaborated on the distinctive features found in hotel rooms, which can be rich sources of inspiration for those dreaming of the perfect bathroom right inside their own homes.

If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom with a luxurious new look, you’re in the right place. Take a look at some of our favorite design tips for those seeking a higher end bathroom renovation experience, brought to you by our expert team of designers at West Shore Home.

Standalone Sinks

Breaking with the conventional sink prototype found in most homes today, standalone sinks are a striking way to set your bathroom apart from the crowd. Given that the majority of your guests will use the sink at some point during their visit to your home, it’s also a great feature piece to show off while entertaining.

Today’s design market is filled with a never-ending array of standalone sink options to choose from. This means your new sink, whether it’s made from concrete, marble, porcelain, enamel, or galvanized metal, will fit the décor and budget of your bathroom renovation.

Update Your Hardware

The accessories used in hotel bathroom designs, like the faucets, cabinet handles, and other features can help to add character and sophistication to an otherwise unremarkable bathroom.

At West Shore Home, we’ve designed a bathroom remodeling process to give homeowners the freedom to customize new bathrooms with truly unique options. Whether you would like to go for a contemporary or modern look or something more traditional, your hardware can help to mimic the sleek sophistication of today’s most beautiful hotel rooms and suites.

Design Your Bathroom Walls

Homeowners can often overlook bathroom walls when renovating, leaving them plain to decorate with wall hangings in the future. In contrast, some hotel bathrooms are actual literal works of art in themselves—with beautiful wall designs made up of an assortment of colors, patterns, and textures.

There are myriad ways to customize a bathroom wall—from mosaic tiles in colorful designs, to beautiful shelving, classic surround products, and so much more. When renovating your bathroom, don’t miss out on the opportunity to add real distinction and flair to your finished result with a boring, blank canvas, and look into your customization options.

Add Luxury and Convenience With Vanity Seating Areas

In some of the finest hotel rooms and suites that we’ve seen, additional seating around the bathroom vanity area adds both convenience and a touch of Old Hollywood glamour.

Check Pinterest and other design sites for vanity seating that can work for your bathroom space, or check our inventory of design options at West Shore Home for ideas you’ll love. If you have a large enough space, you can also consider an additional seating area, like a small set of plush chairs or a loveseat, to make your bathroom a comfortable, stylish retreat you’ll love getting ready in.

Sleek Finishes for Bathtub and Shower Replacements

The shower and bathtub in any bathroom is always a focal point for design, and homeowners should plan their renovations to include these areas for the best outcome. In some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, designers put a lot of thought and consideration are put into the visual appeal of showers and bathtubs, and the right materials and products can keep your home looking sleek and beautiful for a lifetime of enjoyment and value.

Today’s most beautiful shower and bathtub products are designed with the highest quality materials for easy maintenance and long-lasting, durable beauty. For your bathroom remodeling project, look for classic designs mimicking the beauty of marble and granite in acrylic products for an affordable upgrade that will look and feel as gorgeous as a hotel bathroom, for decades to come.

Choose the Right Bathroom Remodeling Partner

Thinking about how to draw inspiration from hotel bathrooms is one of the best ways to start thinking about your own bathroom renovation project, and we hope these flashes of inspiration have helped you to envision yours with a bit more clarity.

West Shore Home can help you make your dreams for a more beautiful bathroom a reality, with professional bathroom remodeling services and top-quality products you’ll love forever. To get started on your bathroom upgrade now, give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly representatives over the phone. You can also fill out our online form to schedule a free, in-home quote.