Don’t Bother With Bathtub Liners – Get a Real Bathroom Remodel in Just One Day

Bathtub liners may seem like a great way to perform a bathroom remodel without investing too much in the project, but, in reality, a bath or shower liner is really only a Band-Aid that’s going to cover up the underlying issue rather than addressing it.

Liners Can Lead To A Bathroom Remodel Nightmare

If a bathtub liner is not properly installed, there’s a good chance that water is going to get in between the liner and the wall, which can lead to all kinds of headaches such as mold and mildew growth or structural damage. Because these issues will be out of sight, you probably won’t notice them until they’ve gotten pretty bad. Bath and shower liners are also prone to bowing or warping over time. So, while they might give your bathroom a fresh, new appearance for a little while, you’ll probably have to come up with another solution before long.

Bathtub liners are often marketed as a convenient and cost-effective solution to restore the appearance of worn-out or damaged bathtubs. However, they are far from being efficient and should be considered as nothing more than a quick fix. Here are a few reasons why bathtub liners fall short in terms of long-term effectiveness:

  • Temporary solution: Bathtub liners are essentially thin sheets of acrylic or PVC that are installed over the existing tub surface. While they may provide an instant improvement in the bathtub’s appearance, they are not built to withstand regular use over an extended period. The liners can start to peel, crack, or discolor with time, requiring costly repairs or replacements.
  • Lack of durability: Bathtub liners are prone to wear and tear, especially in high-traffic bathrooms or households with children. They are susceptible to chipping, scratching, and fading, diminishing their visual appeal and undermining their supposed longevity. Moreover, the adhesives used to secure the liners may weaken over time, leading to a compromised installation.
  • Potential water damage: One of the primary concerns with bathtub liners is the potential for water to accumulate between the liner and the original tub surface. This trapped moisture can create an environment conducive to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, posing health risks and requiring frequent maintenance and cleaning.
  • Limited customization: While bathtub liners may offer a quick cosmetic fix, they often lack the flexibility for customization. Homeowners with unique bathtub designs or non-standard dimensions may struggle to find liners that perfectly fit their needs. This limitation can result in awkward gaps, uneven surfaces, and an overall unsatisfactory aesthetic.
  • Impact on home value: Installing a bathtub liner is generally viewed as a temporary measure rather than a long-term investment. Consequently, potential homebuyers may perceive bathtub liners as an indication of low-quality or insufficient renovations. This perception can have a negative impact on the overall value of the property.

The main reason why bath and shower liners have been so appealing to homeowners is that they seem like a much easier solution than a traditional bathroom remodel. But West Shore Home® has revolutionized the bathroom remodeling experience, allowing you to give your bathroom a proper makeover in as little as one day.

High-Quality Products & Professional Bathroom Remodels

Bathtub Liner vs Replacement West Shore HomeOnce upon a time, a bathroom remodeling project was quite an undertaking—such a project could leave your bathroom out of service for many days or weeks on end. But our highly trained team can complete a full shower or bathtub replacement at your home in just one day. Unlike having a bath or shower liner installed, which only provides a temporary solution, our bathtub and shower replacements are comprehensive. When you partner with West Shore Home for a bathroom remodel, we’ll remove your old tub or shower, address any plumbing issues that need attention, and install a whole new unit from the ground up. And, because we rely on our in-house technicians to complete all of the installations, we’re able to ensure a higher standard of workmanship than other bathroom remodeling companies that subcontract the labor out to a third party.

The bathtubs and showers that we install are incredibly durable and low-maintenance, as they’re made from 100% acrylic. They’re also endlessly customizable, allowing you to design your new bathtub or shower down to the last detail to ensure it meets your every need.

Professional Bath Remodeling

To learn more about why you should forget about bath and shower liners and instead turn to West Shore Home to have a real bathroom remodel completed, contact us today and schedule a free consultation.