Baths for the Brave Spotlight – Rick Corson

PITTSBURGH, PA – On Friday, November 8, West Shore Home participated in the Baths for the Brave event. The home improvement company identified six veterans across all of the regions that they serve and gave each veteran a free shower or tub replacement as a way to thank them for their service.
Rick Corson and his design consultant
(left to right) US Army Veteran Rick Corson with US Army Reserve Sniper and West Shore Home Design Consultant, Tyler Hoffman

Meet Rick Corson. He is a US Army veteran who served his country for 38 years. Rick served in both Vietnam and Iraq during his time in the military. Rick received multiple awards and recognitions, including a Vietnam Service Medal and 4 Meritorious Service Medals.

Although Rick will greatly benefit from this amazing new shower from West Shore Home, he is more excited to have the project completed for his wife, BJ. BJ has been suffering from health complications and this new shower will allow her to regain her independence. Rick was shocked by how quickly West Shore Home was able to replace his new shower.

before and after shower remodel

“Your crew was the most amazing crew,” Rick told West Shore Home. “You guys did more than I thought was gonna happen today. This is gonna make it much, much easier.”

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