8 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Wondering how to clean your bathroom properly? In this post, we’ll outline great bathroom cleaning tips to get your toilet, bathtub, shower, countertops, and more sparkling! 

Clear Items from Your Surfaces Before Cleaning 

Using a Sponge to Clean Edge of Sink

To make your life much easier, make sure to clear items like toothbrushes, bottles, brushes, and more from the surfaces you’re planning to clean. Having a clear area makes it easier to spray on cleaning solution and wipe down various surfaces. Plus, you’ll avoid adding unwanted residue to items you use every day. 

Vacuum & Dust Before You Spray 

Before you start cleaning the bathroom with spray on or liquid solutions, make sure to vacuum and dust first. The last thing you want is dust or hair sitting under the shine of your recent cleaning job. Not only will dirt, dust, and hair look bad, they’ll obstruct cleaning solutions from spreading and working properly. Hair is also the main culprit of drain clogs, which can doom a clean bath. 

Use a Drain Cover to Prevent Clogs 

Sick of pulling hair and other gunk out of your shower or bath drain? Using a drain cover can save you the headache. These covers allow water to drain properly while filtering out hair and other foreign materials that clog up your waterways. The best part? They’re cheap and available at your local hardware store. 

Get a Squeegee for Cleaning Bathroom Mirrors & Windows 

A person using a squeegee to clean a mirror.

If your usual cleaner and towel isn’t helping you effectively clean your bathroom windows, try using a squeegee instead. By using a snake-like motion, you can completely clean the dirt and grime off your windows. Squeegees are the easiest way to avoid streaks if used properly. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Supplies 

We mentioned squeegees above, but in the same vein you want to make sure you have all the other supplies you need to properly clean your bathroom. Some that come to mind for us are Windex and towels to clean the sink, toilet cleaner and a brush, magic erasers for the tub or shower, and anything you need to clean the drains, floors, etc. It’s better to have everything you need before you start to clean. 

Read the Back of the Bottle 

An assortment of multi-colored bathroom cleaning bottles.

Get into the habit of reading the back of the bottle or packaging for your cleaning products. There’s often valuable information on how to use them, such as how long to let them sit on surfaces and what types of towels or tools to use with them.  

Using these products properly leads to a better clean and helps you avoid any unintentional damage to your bathroom. Showers surrounds, for example, come in a variety of materials such as acrylic, fiberglass, tile, etc. that may not play nicely with all cleaning solutions. It’s also important to note that cleaning products can be dangerous if mixed. Reading the bottle helps you keep your home safe. 

Prevent Mold Growth with Dehumidifiers 

Bathrooms are often quite a pain when it comes to dealing with mold. Showers create a ton of moisture, which lingers in the air without proper ventilation. This provides the perfect environment for mold to grow quickly. If your bathroom lacks windows or a fan, a dehumidifier could be a lifesaver. You’ll find a variety of dehumidifying solutions at your local department store or online. 

Clean Your Shower Curtains & Bathmats in the Washer 

A shower curtain hung from a shower bar.

Tired of scrubbing your shower curtains and bathmats by hand? Make your life easier by tossing them in the washing machine. Not only is it more convenient, it usually does a better job of getting rid of tough stains and mold growth. Washing your curtains and mats periodically can help avoid black mold and pink coloration at the bottom of your curtains. Clean curtains are key to a clean shower. 

Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Beautiful 

A clean bathroom improves your quality of life and makes a better impression on visitors. Our tips above can help you achieve a beautiful bathroom for your home. 

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