4 Ways a Bathroom Remodel Adds Value to Your Home

Home improvement projects can be a big undertaking. They often include challenges such as making design decisions, allocating financial resources, gathering materials, and figuring out project schedulesThis is a lot to take on for regular folks with families, full-time jobs, and social lives. The question is, is it worth it? 

In this post, we’ll discuss four ways bathroom remodeling projects add value to your home, making all that effort worth it. 

Boosting the Monetary Value of Your Home

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or future-proof your value, remodeling your bathroom is an excellent choice. For prospective homebuyers, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms outside of the kitchen and master bedroom. Buyers look for a bathroom that meets their design, size, and functional requirements. 

Looking at pure numbers, bathroom remodeling has been statistically shown to increase home value. According to Opendoor.com, a full bathroom remodel increases a home’s resale value by an average of 3.7% or $11,000. 

Aside from pure value, prospective homebuyers see a full bathroom remodel as a sign you took diligent care of your home, not just flipped it to market. 

Giving Your Home a New Look & Vibe

The bathroom is one of the most lived-in, important rooms in the house. We spend a significant amount of time there every morning, every night, and in-between. Often, these are times when we are vulnerable or sensitive, given we’ve just woken up or are winding down to go to sleep. For this reason, the bathroom should be a comfortable and soothing space. 

Remodeling gives the opportunity to add value in the form of comfort and a sense of security. You can convert your current bathroom into a space that effectively sets you on track for an enjoyable day or night of sleep mentally and physically. Also, a bathroom remodel can act as a great starting point for re-envisioning the look and feel of your home. 

A before and after comparison of a West Shore Home shower remodel.

The True Bottom Line – Functionality

Monetary value and overall design are important, but at the core of every bathroom is functionality. If your toilet doesn’t flush or your shower doesn’t turn on, you’re going to have a tough time. Remodeling your bathroom gives you the opportunity to add value in the form of higher-grade appliances such as your shower, bath, sink, or toilet. These not only boost the monetary value of your bathroom but contribute to personal enjoyment. As a bonus, newer bathroom appliances are typically more efficient, potentially lowering your water bill. 

A pull quote from a West Shore Home customer.

Guest Room? More Like Guest Bathroom

While the bathroom is important to your comfort, it is even more impactful for guests. When friends or family visit your home, the bathroom is a place they can go to escape for a bit, have a moment alone, or de-stress. It is especially important for more introverted or socially anxious guests. A bathroom that isn’t clean or doesn’t work properly can sour the experience. 

Remodeling your bathroom gives you the opportunity to provide a more welcoming experience for guestsIt adds value to your home by ensuring friends, family, or newcomers will feel comfortable coming back. 

A More Valuable Bathroom & Home Awaits

As we’ve discussed in this post, a West Shore Home bathroom remodel can help boost your home’s value in a variety of ways: 

  • Higher Monetary Home Value 
  • Better Bathroom Design 
  • Up-to-Date Bathroom Functionality 
  • A More Comfortable Guest Experience 

At West Shore Home, we specialize in bath and shower remodeling to help our customers gain the benefits listed above. To learn more about our bathroom consulting and installation services, click here.