Increase Home Value: 4 Ways a Bathroom Remodel Adds Value to Your Home

Home improvement projects can be daunting, involving design decisions, financial planning, material sourcing, and project scheduling. For busy individuals with families, jobs, and social lives, the question arises: is it worth it? This post explores four ways a bathroom remodel can increase home value, making the effort truly worthwhile.

Boosting the Monetary Value of Your Home

Remodeling your bathroom is a strategic move, whether you’re planning to sell your home or future-proof its value. The bathroom is a critical space for homebuyers, often ranking just behind the kitchen and master bedroom in importance. Buyers seek bathrooms that are stylish, spacious, and functional.

  • Increase in Resale Value: According to, a full bathroom remodel can boost a home’s resale value by an average of 3.7%, or approximately $11,000.
  • Sign of Diligence: A remodeled bathroom indicates to potential buyers that you have taken good care of your home, not just made superficial updates.

Giving Your Home a New Look & Feel

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, serving as a sanctuary for personal care and relaxation. A well-designed bathroom can set the tone for your day or help you unwind at night.


  • Comfort and Security: Remodeling allows you to create a space that is both comfortable and secure, enhancing your daily routine.
  • Home Aesthetics: A bathroom remodel can serve as a catalyst for reimagining the overall look and feel of your home, aligning it with your personal style and preferences.

Enhancing Functionality

While monetary value and aesthetics are important, the core of any bathroom is its functionality. A remodel provides the chance to upgrade essential fixtures and appliances, ensuring everything works efficiently.

  • Higher-Grade Appliances: Upgrading your shower, bath, sink, or toilet can enhance both the utility and value of your bathroom.
  • Efficiency Improvements: Modern bathroom appliances are typically more efficient, which can help reduce your water bills and contribute to a more sustainable home.

Creating a Welcoming Space for Guests

The bathroom’s impact extends beyond your own comfort; it also influences the experience of your guests. A clean, functional bathroom can significantly improve their visit.

  • Guest Comfort: Remodeling your bathroom ensures that it is a welcoming and comfortable space for friends and family, making them feel more at home.
  • Positive Impressions: A well-maintained bathroom can leave a lasting positive impression on guests, making your home more inviting.

A More Valuable Bathroom & Home Awaits

As we’ve discussed, a bathroom remodel can increase your home’s value in various ways:

  • Higher Monetary Home Value: Boost the resale value of your home.
  • Better Bathroom Design: Create a stylish and comfortable space.
  • Up-to-Date Bathroom Functionality: Ensure all fixtures and appliances work efficiently.
  • A More Comfortable Guest Experience: Provide a welcoming environment for visitors.

At West Shore Home, we specialize in bath and shower remodeling to help our customers achieve these benefits. To learn more about our bathroom consulting and installation services, contact us today. Increase your home value with a bathroom remodel that enhances both functionality and style!