5 Things to Consider When Thinking About Bathroom Remodeling

Taking on a bathroom remodeling project can be overwhelming. It starts out as simple as “I want to remodel my bath,” but can quickly spawn other questions and considerations. At West Shore Home, we recognize that everyone’s situation is different, whether it be financials, design preferences, space available, or other factors. In this post, we aim to cover some key considerations that all potential bath remodelers will find helpful. 

#1: Bath Remodeling Design Options & Preferences

Let’s start with the fun part. What is your new bathroom going to look like? This is possibly the most important consideration when taking on a bathroom renovation project. Some key areas to review include: 

  • The color scheme you’d like to go for with your new bathroom. 
  • The types of materials you’d like to use (think tile, paint, wallpaper, marble, etc.). 
  • Where you’d like to place your bath or shower and how it could impact plumbing and electrical systems. 

West Shore Home has expertise in the design and installation of a bathtub, shower, or combination of both. We offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and accessories to ensure your new bath or shower matches your vision. Our team of experts is here to help you execute a bathroom makeover that adheres to your design preferences and practical concerns. 


#2: A Tub, a Shower, or Both?

Alongside design, another important consideration for your bathroom project is whether you want a new bath, shower, or a combination of both. This one’s straightforward based on your use-case. If you take 90% showers, then you likely don’t need a bath. If you split it 50/50 between baths and showers, you may want to go with a tub/shower combination. If you are older or have accessibility concerns, you may want to factor in waterproof seats, grab bars, and other helpful features. 

Our design consultants can help you determine whether a bath, shower, or combination of both is best for your needs. 

#3: Financial Considerations

When it comes to bathroom renovation financials, the first question you should ask is “How much can I reasonably spend on a new bathtub or shower?” Questions that can help you figure this out include: 

  • How much disposable income do I have? 
  • Do I have adequate credit or loans available to finance the project? 
  • Are there other household projects that take priority? 

These types of questions are crucial to not only understand how much you can potentially spend, but whether your bathroom is at the top of the priority list. If it isn’t, you may have to compromise with a smaller bath project to ensure funds are left for more pressing matters. 

At West Shore Home, we send a design consultant to virtually meet with prospective bathroom remodelers. While it is helpful to know what you can and want to spend ahead of time, our specialists are fully equipped to help you find the perfect bathroom remodeling plan for your home and specific financial situation. 

#4: Choosing a Bath Remodeling Contractor

One of the most important steps to accomplishing a successful bathroom remodel is choosing the right contractors and partners for the job. The first thing to consider is how many changes you’d like to make to your bathroom. Are you planning to replace the sink, floor, and bath, or are you only looking to get a new shower? This decision will heavily impact which and how many contractors you need. 

Once you know the scope of your bathroom project, the next step is compiling a list of local contractors to consider. Once you have that list, we recommend researching the following: 

  • What areas of bathroom remodeling does each contractor cover? Do they lay tile, install new bathtubs, remodel sinks, etc.? 
  • What pricing tiers and payment options are available? 
  • What do installation windows look like? In other words, how long will your bathroom be out of commission? 
  • Does the contractor offer custom products or more cookie-cutter solutions? 
  • How many design options are available? 
  • Does the contractor have reliable reviews or references? Do they have the appropriate certifications? 

Those are several areas we recommend digging into. Every contractor will have different areas of expertise, strengths, and weaknesses, so it’s important to do your research and find the best contractor to match your vision for a new bathroom. 


#5: Choosing What to Remodel, When

One of the beauties of bathroom remodeling is you don’t necessarily have to do everything at once. For some, a full, overnight bathroom renovation may be necessary. However, for others, an incremental timeline of smaller projects may work better. Do you remodel the sink, toilet, and shower at once, or do you tackle just the bath this time around? This all depends on your personal situation and a multitude of factors we’ve already discussed in this piece, such as: 

  • Financials 
  • The Age of Your Bathroom Fixtures 
  • Your Design Vision 
  • Contractors Available in Your Area 

Bathroom renovation is a flexible process. Know that you don’t necessarily have to do everything at the same time. 

Take Your Time & Consider the Important Areas of Bathroom Remodeling

To sum it all up, we recommend you consider the following when jumping into a new bathroom project: 

  1. Think About & Finalize Your Design Preferences 
  2. Decide Whether You Need a Bath, Shower, or Both 
  3. Analyze Your Financial Situation 
  4. Research & Choose Reliable, Trustworthy Contractors to Fit Your Needs 
  5. Consider the Best Project Timeline for You 

West Shore Home specializes in bathroom remodeling, specifically bath and shower installation. Our consultants and installers are ready to help you make your dream bathroom a reality, at your pace. 

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