Bathroom Remodeling Tips for This Year’s Spring Cleaning

When spring comes round, it has a way of making everyone want to freshen up their homes for the warm season. This can include a thorough cleaning to get rid of built-up dirt, debris, and make things bright again. At West Shore, we also find that customers start scheduling their renovations during the spring. If you are thinking about our bathroom remodeling services, it doesn’t hurt to get a head start on the project!

Spring Cleaning to Evaluate Your Space

It’s always a good idea to cast an appraising eye over your bathroom before deciding on any changes. Make sure you really see the bathroom for what it is with a quick cleaning and refresh. Start by removing any old bath products and nearly empty containers that have collected over time. Remove any linens and even that old shower curtain that isn’t cutting it anymore. If your vanity has a few burnt out bulbs, replace them to see the bathroom more clearly.

We also recommend scrubbing away soap scum and grime from your fixtures using a little baking soda mixed with water to form a paste. This is very effective at breaking up those unwanted stains. Wipe down the mirror and counters. Sweep the floor, and if you are feeling ambitious, wipe down the baseboards, walls, and light fixtures to get that layer of dust that has developed over winter.

Once the room is undergone a thorough spring cleaning, you can now objectively decide whether a bathroom renovation is needed. What are some signs that this space needs remodeling? You’ll want to look out for:

● Dull, worn, or stained bathtubs and showers, even after cleaning.

● Rusted or broken metal frame on the shower doors.

● Old, broken faucets and hardware on the sinks and tub.

● Loose or broken wall enclosures and flooring.

● Awkward bathroom layouts that just don’t fit your needs!

West Shore provides tailored bathroom remodeling services for homeowners. We can completely renovate this space or just replace one or two fixtures. Find out more about your options by giving us a phone call or filling out our convenient online form to request a complimentary, at-home consultation and remodeling price estimate!