Now is the Perfect Time to Remodel Your Bathroom – Here’s Why

Bathroom upgrades are essential; we use them every day, every week, every year. But, when thinking about home improvement and the projects we’d like to take on around the house, sometimes the bathroom gets forgotten. 2020, given the pandemic and how our home lives have changed (pun intended), is the perfect time to consider a bathroom remodeling project. In this post, we’ll discuss why 2020 is the right time to reimagine your bathroom, how home improvement has been on the rise, financial implications of taking on renovations, and more. 

Asking the Question: “Should I Remodel My Bathroom?”

“Should I remodel my bathroom” is an age-old question that never seems to have a clear answer. This is understandable since it can be a large undertaking. Some concerns when considering renovation, especially in 2020, may include: 

  • Financial Implications – Many will ask if it is the right move to spend money on a bathroom during a time of such apprehension and uncertainty.
  • A Decommissioned Bathroom – For some, the idea of having a bathroom out of commission for a few days or more is a big inconvenience.
  • Trips to the Hardware Store – During the pandemic, many of us are apprehensive about extra trips to public spaces.

However, in our experience renovating thousands of baths and showers for customers in 2020, we’ve heard directly why it is one of the best times to give your bathroom a makeover. 


Staying Home = Saving Money

This year has been the year of staying home and learning to live vicariously from our living rooms. The lack of travel, eating out, and other external expenses has afforded many extra budget for home improvement. Also, being at home all the time has helped us notice the flaws in our bathrooms we didn’t see before. Given these extra funds and the circumstances of being home all the time to monitor projects, 2020 is the perfect time to give your bath or shower a new look. 

Prioritizing the Quality of Your Home Life

Now that we’ve had to spend much more time at home than normal, we’ve come to realize how much our bathroom contributes to our quality of life. Having a bathroom that isn’t quite up to par can put a damper on your day before it even gets started. Being able to take a comfortable hot shower or bath is a difference maker when spending so much time in the house. 2020 is the year of staying home, so you should make it as comfortable as possible with a great bathroom. 


The Home Improvement Boom Brings Great Financing

2020 has seen major gains for home improvement companies across the board, which has brought great financing deals. Many companies, including West Shore Home, are offering flexible payment plans, discounts, installation deals, and more. These are offers that simply wouldn’t happen during your average year, so 2020 may be the best time to remodel from a financial perspective. 

A Better Bathroom Brings a More Valuable Home

Whether you’re considering moving in the near future or just want to raise the value of your home, a bathroom remodel may be a great idea. According to real estate industry data, a well featured, modern bathroom can raise the value of your home a great deal. Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the rooms prospective homeowners care about the most. Making sure they are sleek and up to date could help you sell your home faster and for more. 

An infographic which describes the return on investment of a bath remodel.

If 2020 Isn’t the Right time, It Will Never Be The Right Time

Every year, families discuss the “what ifs.” Questions like “What if we remodeled the bathroom this year?” come up but can often be deferred due to concerns we’ve outlined in this post, such as financial difficulties and other inconveniences. It can be hard to pull the trigger on renovating your bathroom. At West Shore Home, we believe 2020 is the perfect time to take on a bath or shower project. Upcoming years post-pandemic are likely to be busier for families. You don’t want to keep saying “what if” forever. 

2020 is the Perfect Time for a Bathroom Upgrade

2020 has been the year of staying home. Families have become intimately familiar with their homes, especially their bathrooms. While there are legitimate apprehensions to taking on a bathroom project this year, we believe the benefits outweigh the costs. A new bathroom in 2020 can improve quality of life and raise the value of your home. You’ll also likely get a better deal on materials and installation given the current home improvement industry boom. 

At West Shore Home, we’re excited to help so many customers reimagine their bathrooms in 2020, but we also recognize the need for safety. Our installers and design consultants have been trained on pandemic safety and wear masks during all phases of the renovation process.