Project Spotlight: Transforming Old Windows in Richmond, VA

At West Shore Home in Richmond, VA, we recently had the opportunity to work on a window installation project that truly breathed new life into a home. The existing windows were old wooden ones with thin single pane glass and a steel wire balance system. Not only were they energy inefficient, but they were also a staggering 60 years old. To say it was time for a fresh look would be an understatement.

Leading the charge for this remarkable transformation was our very own Wesley P., a trusted member of our sales team in Richmond. Wesley’s expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the success of our Window and Door division, and he set the wheels in motion for this incredible journey.

60 Year Old Windows

A set of old bay windows on a home in Richmond, Virginia.

The scheduling department alerted us to a unique requirement from the customer – the installation had to be done in the afternoon. Failing to accommodate this request would have meant pushing the installation months ahead in the schedule. Naturally, we didn’t want our customer to have such a prolonged wait, so we swiftly devised a plan.

Before tackling this particular project, Dan and Deshawn, two experienced members of our installation team, assisted on another installation service and worked closely with our service technician. Their combined expertise and familiarity with the process ensured a smooth and efficient operation.

60 year old windows on a yellow and red brick house.

On the scheduled day, we arrived at the customer’s house and patiently awaited their arrival. At 12:30, we kicked off the installation, which took a total of two hours for Dan and Deshawn to complete. Our team wasted no time in preparing the area and carefully measuring the windows before removing them.

Understanding the customer’s desire to retain the original wood trim around the windows for a consistent color and appearance, we approached the task methodically, ensuring a clean and cautious removal process. To replace the old windows, we opted for color-matched minimalistic metal trim and caulking, which seamlessly blended in with the surrounding elements. From most angles, the trim looks like a mere shadow, preserving the charm of the original woodwork.

Double Hung & Casement Picture Window Combo

The new windows featured a beige exterior and a white interior, enhancing the aesthetic appeal both inside and outside the house. Specifically, we installed two Double Hung windows, referred to as “flankers” in this case since they are positioned on either side of a Picture window. The design of the Picture window itself is known as a “Casement Picture,” simulating the appearance of a closed casement window. This particular style is often paired with casement flankers. By removing a grid pattern in the picture window, we succeeded in creating a more open and spacious atmosphere.

This approach is highly sought-after when it comes to upgrading living spaces, as it allows for more natural light and provides an improved view of the surrounding nature. By retaining the grids in the flankers, the bay area seamlessly integrates with the rest of the windows in the house, ensuring a harmonious and unified look.

Trusted Window Remodelers in Richmond, VA

At West Shore Home, we take pride in our ability to revitalize homes with top-notch window installations in the beautiful state of Virginia. This project not only exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional results but also showcases the expertise and professionalism of our dedicated team. If you’re considering upgrading your windows, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a transformative experience that will enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home.