Denver Bathroom Remodeling—Who’s the Best?

Due to the shortage of housing in Denver and a high demand among home buyers, many homeowners are looking for a bathroom remodeler to keep up with it all. We don’t blame them. The bath remodeling industry is seeing trends of sustainability, functionality, and comfortability. We want our bathrooms to benefit not only us and our guests, but our wallets and ability levels, too.

Similarly, we want an easy, affordable bathroom remodel process that is done within a reasonable time. You need someone you can trust in your home to remodel your home—someone who understands your needs and just gets it. And thankfully, West Shore Home® gets it.

Your average Denver bathroom remodeler can rack up a big bill, which makes choosing a remodeler to do the job more important than ever. Let’s break down the advantages West Shore Home has over other bath remodelers in the area, to help with this big decision.

done in one day

You deserve a bath or walk-in shower installed in one day. Not in 3 months, not in 5 weeks, but in one day! West Shore Home can get your remodel done in as little as one day so you can enjoy your bath or shower remodel as soon as possible. Our trained installers perfected our install and cleanup process so that you don’t have to worry about a construction zone in your home for weeks or months on end. It goes like this:

  1. Meet with one of our design consultants and view our styles and options.
  2. Design your new bath or shower.
  3. Receive an exact (and free!) quote, plus financing options.
  4. Have your project completed in as little as one day by our amazing installation team.

Infographic comparing the difference between West Shore Home and an average Denver bath remodel for quick install.

Our certified experts will not only install a new shower or bath, but they’ll also remove your old one, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. On top of convenience, our design consultants will walk you through the remodel process, style options, and extras in-person. Skip the DIY or the “trusted family friend” to figure out your bath project. You’re one wrong step away from additional costs to fix the job!

fully customizable

Our trained design consultants are ready to accommodate all of your wants and needs when it comes to shower wall color and design, faucet and shower head metal, sliding glass doors, built in shelves, and shower seats. You can choose colors, textures, and more using our exclusive design software to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want for your bathroom.

Infographic comparing the difference between West Shore Home and an average Denver bath remodel for design.

2023 Pinterest Predicts forecasted trends for spa-like bathrooms this year, complete with walk-in showers and rainfall shower heads—and we couldn’t agree more. You should love your shower routine. Aromatherapy, body scrubs, candles, all this talk is making us want to take a shower!

Don’t have a walk-in shower but want one? You can enjoy an amazing walk-in shower spa experience from the comfort of your own bathroom with a tub to shower conversion.


With the ever-growing fall injury and death rates, the bathroom is the number one culprit for danger no matter your age. Features like grab bars, shower seats, low-threshold and no barrier shower pans, non-slip technology, built-in shelves, and detachable shower heads make life easier in the bathroom for you or a loved one with accessibility needs.

Infographic comparing the difference between West Shore Home and an average Denver bath remodel for accessibility.

Though there are other accessibility features on the market, West Shore Home’s tub and shower foundations are made of durable acrylic materials that resist cracks, chips, mold, and mildew, and slips. In addition, our acrylic is infused with antimicrobial protection, allowing for an easier clean and more accessibility for those that can’t sit and scrub a tub for an hour. By simply wiping down the nonporous surfaces, you can keep your new shower clean with less work!

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evenings and weekends

Your time matters to us. We want to work with your work or personal life schedule, which means we make evening and weekend appointments. If you work during the day, on the weekends, or any time in between, we have an appointment available for you. Unlike other bathroom remodelers, you’ll know exactly when the job will begin and end, and we’ll be out of your home no time.

Infographic comparing the difference between West Shore Home and an average Denver bath remodel for convenience.

We come to you, on your time, on our dime, to give you a free design consultation. And we love doing it. We want to understand your wants and needs for your home, discuss any concerns you might have, and answer all of your questions around home remodeling. Our experts are experts for a reason!

trained installers

Variety of styles and features is one thing, but what separates us from run-of-the-mill contractors is our industry-best service. We choose to stay away from hiring sub-contractors because there’s no way to really control the quality of the work being done. Our installers are all company-trained, lead certified, and have an average of 10 years in the home improvement industry. As a trusted Denver bath remodeling company, we take our customer feedback seriously. Check out what people are saying on FacebookGoogle, and Home Advisor to make an educated decision for your bathroom project.

remodel cost

If project cost is a concern, don’t worry. Our consultants will work with you to find financing to fit your needs. We offer awesome perks, including:

  • One-Day Installation
  • Ongoing Promotional Offers to Fit Your Budget
  • Free Quote & In-Home Design Consultation
  • Full Removal of Your Old Bath or Shower Included
  • Lifetime Warranty

Infographic comparing the difference between West Shore Home and an average Denver bath remodel for financing options and project cost.

We provide trained professionals to get you started with financing needs, and any concerns you might have around cost, without the commitment to buy. Contact us to talk through your project and receive a free quote.


At the end of the day, West Shore Home is your go-to remodeling company for the bathroom of your dreams. We prioritize design, accessibility, but most importantly: YOU. And we’re right in your Denver backyard. West Shore Home services the following areas in Denver:

Not in Denver? We are in an area near you! View our locations and get your bath remodel started today.