Acrylic Vs. Fiberglass Tub Remodeling

We often have people come into our showroom that are looking to replace an old fiberglass bathtub. Often times homes are built with fiberglass units, they are affordable, come in bulk and can not be customized; so home builders can install them quickly. Fiberglass is a cheap solution for builders but is not ideal as a replacement unit and we would like to explain why.


Size: Fiberglass units are installed by the home builder BEFORE the house is completed. That is because fiberglass bath systems are one whole unit and couldn’t fit through the door of your home after it is completed. We remove fiberglass units everyday by breaking them down to pieces that can easily exit your home.

Finish: Fiberglass is finished with a gel-coat or a thick paint. The gel-coat of fiberglass is easy to scratch, chip and crack. It is a porous material which allows mildew and bacteria to grow. It is also not UV resistant so the unit will fade, chalk and yellow over the years. We hear this complaint ALL of the time.

Cleaning: That brings us to cleaning, because fiberglass is finished with a gel-coat paint it breaks down every time you clean and scrub the unit. Once the finish wears down from years of being cleaned, water can easily seep through the unit causing water damage, rot and hidden black mold. Fiberglass yellows and fades easily, scrubbing it only accelerates that process.


Choices: Fiberglass units are one color units. Often in a white, ivory or off white color. They do not have texture, patterns or variations to choose from. They come as is, one size fits all, no customization is allowed for grab-bars or shelving.

Price: Though fiberglass is a cheaper option in the home improvement industry we also believe that you get what you pay for. You don’t want to go with the cheapest option where water damage in your home could be a concern. See the fiberglass warranty below.

Warranty: Because of all the above mentioned reasons, fiberglass comes with a short-term warranty. That is ok for home builders, once they sell you the house it is yours to maintain; but here at West Shore Home we stand behind our products and we only offer products that have the longest warranties in the industry


BENEFITS OF An Acrylic Bathtub:

Size: Every one of our acrylic systems are custom made to your size and space. Our acrylic comes in 3 pieces and is easily installed with moisture barrier board backing it and giving it extra protection. Unlike fiberglass our acrylic doesn’t have a hollow sound when you tap it. Acrylic will keep your bathtub water warmer, longer because it is thicker.

Safety: Acrylic is naturally slip-resistant. Your bath and shower should be a safe and easy-to-use environment, and with acrylic material, there is no slippery wet tile to cause a potential fall. All acrylic products are made for you to be able to walk on, safely.

Installation: Our certified technicians can install acrylic in as little as one day, so you can have the bathroom of your dreams in almost no time at all.

Finish: Our acrylic is non-porous and is much thicker than fiberglass, the color is all the way through the product. This makes it chip, fade and crack resistant. It is also treated with a silvershield technology that prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from ever forming.

Cleaning: As mentioned above, our acrylic is treated to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming – we’ve taken half the work out of cleaning right there! We recommend using Scrub Free for your weekly cleaning. Just spray it on the walls and bathtub and wipe it down using either a sponge or a mesh bath sponge. Then rinse the walls and bathtub using a cup of water – that’s it!

Choices: Acrylic comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures. You can choose what kind of shelving, seating and grab-bars that you want and where you want them placed in the unit. We can match our acrylic with any style your have in mind.


Price: Acrylic is an extremely affordable and long term option for your remodel. It is much more affordable than tile, marble or granite and comes with a longer warranty, see below.

Warranty: Now the best part: Our Acrylic comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! That’s a lifetime warranty against leaking, fading, cracking and discoloration. We believe in this product so much that we warranty it for a lifetime, as long as you own your home.

Start Your West Shore Home Bathtub Renovation Today

We believe our acrylic is a superior product. We know that you will feel the same way, especially if you are looking to replace your old fiberglass or tile unit. Acrylic is used in our everyday lives and you may not even realize it. From your eye glasses to the presidents and pope’s motorcade vehicles, talk about trust, strength and durability!

We invite you into our showroom to see and feel the acrylic difference for yourself. If you can’t make it into our showroom, be sure to contact us, and we will bring the product samples to you.