Custom Shower Replacement

West Shore had the pleasure of doing two shower and bath replacements for this customer! The first was replacing a dated shower with something that would give them a little bit more space. Their previous shower had a bench that took up a little bit of space, which we swapped out for some soap trays to hold their shampoos and body wash, and free up some room at the base. Their new shower also features designer wall surrounds that extend all the way to the ceiling, which will further protect against mold and mildew.

West Shore also replaced a bath for this customer as well, providing an aesthetic upgrade to the bath area along with a few additional features to make their bathing experience better. Notice that the new wall surrounds here also extend to the ceiling, and they added a few grab bars to improve overall safety in the bath area.

Click the thumbnails below to see before/after photos and some shots from the installation as well!

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