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Therapy Tubs Pittsburgh


Therapy tubs are an excellent investment for homeowners in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, who wish to have all the soothing benefits of a spa tub right in their own home. These are also ideal for those who experience limited mobility, but also wish to remain independent and living in their own homes. Instead of negotiating a high threshold and then lowering oneself to floor level, therapy tubs provide the ultimate safety in addition to soothing benefits by allowing the user to step directly in the tub and sit in a comfortable seat.

When you choose West Shore Home to install a therapy tub in your Pittsburgh area home, you can be sure you are receiving a tub of the highest quality. Our therapy tubs are made from an incredibly durable acrylic, so you will not need to worry about it ever cracking, chipping, or denting. Plus, because acrylic is nonporous, it is not susceptible to mold and mildew growth, making these tubs low maintenance. So, you can spend less time cleaning your tub and more time enjoying its relaxing features, which include:

  • Hydromassaging jets with adjustable speeds, so you can have the exact intensity you want on the areas you need it most
  • Chromatherapy that utilizes different colored lights to address different issues, such as magenta for boosting creativity or turquoise to help relieve stress
  • Essential oil aromatherapy, which is dispersed into the ambient air to further enhance the spa-like experience

To learn more about having one of our therapy tubs installed in your Pittsburgh, PA, area home, contact West Shore Home today. Be sure to ask about our financing options for qualified homeowners.