What Are the Benefits of Installing Picture Windows?

If you’re looking for a way to showcase the natural scenery that surrounds your home, then picture windows will be right up your alley. Unlike double-hung or casement windows which slide or swing open, picture windows feature glass panes that are fixed into the frame. However, just because they don’t open doesn’t mean they’re without upsides. When you have picture windows installed or replaced, you can expect:

More Light Where You Need It

Because they are inoperable, picture windows are a great window option for inaccessible areas—such as high up on the wall in a room with cathedral ceilings—where they can allow natural light to fill the room without providing an entry point.

Expansive Views

Picture windows often have a larger surface area than other window styles. And, because they generally don’t have muntins, meeting rails, or other decorative elements that could get in the way, these windows offer unobstructed views that allow you to make the most of your home’s surroundings.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of the picture window’s fixed configuration is that it doesn’t have any seams through which air can penetrate, making it more energy-efficient than any other window style.

Long-Lasting Durability

Since picture windows don’t feature any moving parts—like springs, anchors, or pulleys—and don’t sustain the wear and tear that other window styles experience from being opened and closed, these  windows tend to outlast just about every other window style, making them a great long-term investment option.

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