West Shore Home Pledges 40 Hours of Community Service During the Month of February

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. January 24, 2020 – West Shore Home announced today that they will be donating 40 hours of their month to the members of their local community. The purpose of the event is to highlight the fact that each employee works for 40 hours during the week. This volunteer pledge will encourage West Shore Home employees to find time during their work week to volunteer for nonprofit organizations in the communities that the company serves.

“This is a perfect way for West Shore Home to give back,” explained B.J. Werzyn, owner of West Shore Home. “We strive to do that right thing, always. Finding opportunities to volunteer is a perfect way for us to give back to members of our community.”

West Shore Home hopes that this event will encourage other members of the community to find time to volunteer for local nonprofit organizations.