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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Window for your Lancaster Home

Every day it seems like more and more home remodeling options pop up—turning something as seemingly simple as a window installation into what feels like the decision of the century. If you’re feeling puzzled or overwhelmed by the wide variety of windows available in Lancaster, take just a few minutes to gain your footing with the help of this quick-start guide!

How to Begin Choosing Your Perfect Window Installation

When it comes to window replacement, Lancaster homeowners have no shortage of choice. To narrow down the extensive selection, start by considering the following characteristics:

1.  Climate
2.  Budget
3.  Style
4.  Home Layout

Let’s dive a little deeper into each of these areas:

1. Climate

In a variable climate like Lancaster’s, your house windows have to perform just as well in 90° F as they do in 20° F. If your windows are poorly insulated or improperly sealed, you’re wasting some serious cash on climate-controlled air leakage from your home.

For this reason, energy efficiency is one of the most important places to start. After all, there’s really no point to replacing outdated windows unless they’re an upgrade! For best-in-class energy-efficient windows, look for features like:

·Multiple weather-stripping
·Low E glass coatings
·Argon gas chambers
·Energy Star-certified designs

2. Budget

The next consideration to make is your family’s budget. Depending on your desired price point, you’ll likely be able to choose from several different lines or add-ons/upgrades for your energy-efficient windows.

Fortunately, one of the most energy-efficient materials is also known for its affordability—and that’s vinyl! Vinyl windows not only offer proven energy savings; they are also easy to maintain because they resist cracking, blistering, and other common damage. These lowered maintenance requirements further add to the value and long-term cost efficiency of vinyl windows.

3. Style

Of course, no window installation can be complete unless it adds something special to your home’s interior and exterior style. Based on your aesthetic preferences (along with your needs for ventilation and natural lighting), you can choose from many window styles:

· Awning Windows
· Bay Windows
· Bow Windows
· Casement Windows
· Double Hung Windows
· Garden Windows
· Hopper Windows
· Picture Windows
· Sliding Windows

And if none of these windows suit your unique taste, you can always opt for architecturally shaped custom windows! Regardless of whether you choose standard or custom windows,
you’ll be able to match your style by choosing the interior/exterior frame colors, glass grid patterns, hardware, and more.

4. Home Layout

For a successful window replacement, Lancaster homeowners should take one more thing into account: layout. Together with your style preferences, your home layout will help guide your final window installation decision.

For example, if you want lots of ventilation, you might narrow it down to a double hung or casement window. Casement windows work great as long as the outward swing won’t interfere with a walkway, garden, tree, or other immovable feature. In these cases, double hung vinyl windows would be a better choice.

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