Project Showcase: Inaccessible Tub to New Shower Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Our Phoenix shower installation team took on a tub and shower combo for a homeowner who no longer used the tub due to its inaccessibility. A lack of accessibility in the bathroom can cause slips and falls among homeowners at any age. Deciding on a tub to shower conversion can ultimately save your life!

Inaccessible Tub and Shower Combo

An old bath and shower combo before a West Shore Home tub and shower combo installation.This Phoenix homeowner’s old soaking tub and glass shower enclosure combo was creating a waste of space in the bathroom, as they were not using their bathtub. Getting in and out of the tub can be difficult for all ages and all abilities and can cause major issues with a higher risk of slips and falls. More than one out of four Americans 65+ falls each year. This is a growing concern for our own safety, as well as our loved ones. It is important now more than ever to convert your tub to a safe, accessible walk-in shower fit with grab bars and other accessibility options. The space for this particular tub to shower conversion would take up the entire area of the existing tub and shower combo, giving the installation team a large area to work with.

New Shower Installation for this Phoenix BAthroom

An acrylic walk in shower remodel in Phoenix, Arizona.The Arizona homeowner wanted a walk-in shower made accessible with grab bars and a shower seat. To add some customizability, they asked for a curtain rod instead of a glass shower doors, so they have the option to switch out their curtain as they please. The West Shore Home® installation team took their requests and made a beautiful, Santorini White marble design walk-in shower customized with a 24-inch grab bar above a large storage shelf to hold towels and a 16-inch grab bar to help step in and out of the shower. For more of a unique touch, they built in 4 shelves in the same corner as the fixtures for easy access to shampoo, body wash, and other toiletries.

A shower shelf and grab bar in a West Shore Home installation in Phoenix, Arizona.

West Shore Home one-day Shower installation

West Shore Home brought happiness to this Phoenix home and we would love to do the same for you! Whether your tub is cracked or just too hard to get in and out of, our expert team of installers can turn your bathroom into a safe, stylish space that you love walking into. If you’re interested in this project in particular, let our team know! We can bring you a similar style through a free design consultation–contact us today.