Healthcare Hero Spotlight: Melanie Morgan

DALLAS, TX. (June 10, 2020) – West Shore Home is proud to announce that Melanie Morgan will be the recipient of a brand new shower from West Shore Home! Melanie was selected during West Shore Home’s Healthcare Heroes event. This event recognized healthcare professionals and first responders who have worked tirelessly to keep their communities healthy and safe.

Melanie is a registered nurse at Medical City Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Melanie always had an interest in the medical field growing up. She would watch medical shows like ER, House and Real Stories of the ER. She also had a great role model in her aunt, who was an intensive care unit nurse. During her time in college, she had the opportunity to shadow her aunt who worked as a Rapid Response Nurse.

“She carried a pager and went to help anytime there was an emergency in the hospital,” Melanie said, “I have always admired her and the job she did.”

Melanie’s work and personal life have changed drastically since the start of the crisis. Although she was seven months pregnant, she continued to work and help those who became sick. The virus was very new and little was known about how it spread or how medical professionals were supposed to protect themselves. Her family and co-workers constantly asked her how she continued to go into work day after day.

“My response was usually the same,” she explained. “I have a job to do still and at the time was a primary provider for my family while my husband was about to graduate from nursing school.”

The pandemic also put many of her plans on hold. Melanie was unable to have a baby shower to celebrate their second child. In addition, her husband Lance was not permitted to attend scheduled doctors visits to hear about the health of his future child. Although this was a difficult time, Melanie and Lance never stopped being positive.

To thank Melanie for her dedication to her family and the patients she cares for, West Shore Home will be replacing her family’s old tub and shower with a brand new unit! West Shore Home is honored to provide a hassle-free home remodeling experience to Melanie and her family.

Melanie would like to encourage members of her community to continue to social distance and stay home whenever possible. She also encourages everyone to continue to wash their hands to reduce the spread of germs.

“I think continuing to do these things, even after Coronavirus settles down, is very important.”