Healthcare Hero Spotlight: DeAnn Huff

LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 9, 2020) – West Shore Home is proud to announce that DeAnn Huff will be the recipient of a brand new shower from West Shore Home! DeAnn was selected during West Shore Home’s Healthcare Heroes event. This event recognized healthcare professionals and first responders who have worked tirelessly to keep their communities healthy and safe.

DeAnn and her husband
DeAnn (right) and her husband Tyler (left)

DeAnn is a Cardiovascular Registered Nurse at the University of Kentucky hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. DeAnn began her nursing career with an internship at a rural health clinic before her senior year of college.

“That experience really gave me confirmation that nursing was the career path I wanted to pursue,” DeAnn told West Shore Home. “It is such a privilege to be able to take care of people during some of the most vulnerable times of their life.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, DeAnn has had to adapt to many changes to her everyday work routine. She wears a mask during her entire shift, has regular health screenings and takes additional precautions to keep herself and her patients safe. In addition, DeAnn had to make other sacrifices to keep her family and friends safe.

“We have been unable to see family during this time,” DeAnn said, “missing out on gender reveals, baby showers and graduations. However, all of the sacrifices are worth it to protect those we come in contact with.”

DeAnn and her husband, Tyler, recently moved into their first home. In addition, DeAnn is pregnant with their first child! With little time and resources, it would be impossible for them to replace their shower. That is why West Shore Home will be providing them with a hassle-free home remodeling experience so they can focus on their careers and the new addition to their family.

“It is not just a shower/tub,” DeAnn explained, “but a place where so many memories will take place.”

DeAnn wants to remind everyone that we are all in this together!

“We really just want to give thanks to all of the other essential employees out there,” said DeAnn. “A lot of us feel guilty because of the recognition we are receiving, and we just want to let everyone know that we appreciate you all just as much.”

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