Employee Spotlight: Levi McCurdy

Meet Levi McCurdy. Levi is West Shore’s content developer. If you see him around the office or even in public there’s a good chance he’s filming some sort of video!

What brought you to West Shore?

I applied to West Shore for their open Web Developer position last summer.
My role here quickly changed into a content development position as West Shore realized my passion for video and social media.

What part of your work do you find to be the most interesting?

Coming from an agency I was always working on other client’s brands and websites. Making the transition from multiple projects with multiple companies to working with one company has been a challenge and fun all at the same time.

Do you have any advice for those looking to grow within the company?

Introduce yourself to everyone in the company. West Shore has over 150 employees. Learn their names, positions, likes, and dislikes. With that knowledge, you’ll have no problem growing at West Shore!

Fun Facts:

  • First Concert: Backstreet Boys (still listening to them at 25 years old)
  • I’ve performed magic for more than 10,000 people over 8 years.
  • Favorite Superhero: Batman…because I am Batman