Awning Windows vs. Hopper Windows

Itching to know to all about awning and hopper windows? Well, a hopper window is an awning window upside down — end of story. While that may seem like a gross oversimplification, it’s actually kind of true. Both awning and hopper windows are casement-type windows, meaning that their sashes are attached to the frames with hinges. On awning windows these hinges are along the top, whereas on hopper windows they are along the bottom.

Perhaps the most salient functional difference between these two types of replacement windows is that the sashes on awning windows open outward, while the sashes on hopper windows open inward. Because they open outward, awning windows usually feature a crank mechanism making operation smooth and easy, as no leverage is required. This makes awning windows a great option for hard-to-reach areas like above the kitchen sink or high up on the wall in a room or stairwell. Once opened, the sash on an awning window sits at a downward angle, creating an awning-like effect that allows you to leave these windows open during light rainstorms, letting fresh air inside but keeping the rain out.

Hopper windows, on the other hand, usually feature a simple handle that you turn and pull inward to open. The inward-tilting configuration of a hopper window works similar to that of an awning window. However, because hopper windows are essentially inverted versions of awning windows, they are better at keeping dirt and other debris out of a home rather than rain. As such, hopper windows are often installed high up on the walls in basements where, on the outside, they sit near the ground.

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